What is a Maid-of-Honor's Role?

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Nov 6, 2023
What is a Maid-of-Honor's Role?

Your bestie has tapped you to stand by her side on the most special day of her life—her wedding. If she chose you as her maid of honor, it is both an honor and a huge responsibility. While you are part of the entourage, just like the other bridesmaids, you have a bigger and more demanding, but rewarding role.

So what are some things a maid-of-honor is expected to do?

Help with Wedding Day Preparations

Brides have a lot to think about the moment they decide to get married, and a lot of these often involve decision-making. Your bride bestie may ask for help to find the perfect dress, shoes, and accessories. They’ll ask your opinion on makeup, hairdo, and many other things. They may even employ your help for DIY decor and giveaways.

Organize the Bridal Shower

While the bridal shower is a collective activity among the bride’s girlfriends, you may have to coordinate with the bride for her schedule or wishlist. As one of the bride’s closest friends, you know what kind of bridal shower party the bride will like.

Be the Emotional Support for the Bride

Planning a wedding, though fun, is no easy feat. It can also be a stressful time for the bride. As her maid-of-honor, you are both her sounding board and her emotional support system. Help her through the planning process so it is as smooth and stress-free as possible. If you feel like she can delegate tasks to you, other people, or her wedding planner, remind her gently that she should be relaxing instead of doing everything by herself.

Help the Bride on the Wedding Day

From helping the bride get ready on the wedding day to overseeing the rest of the bridesmaids, you’ll have your hands full on the wedding day. You’ll need to make sure she’s relaxing as she gets her hair and makeup done (you may need to confiscate her phone from her). You’ll also need to lead the other bridesmaids during the photo and video shoots to finish as quickly as possible.

Stay by the Bride’s Side Through the Ceremony

During the ceremony, the bride may need you to hold her bouquet, assist her with her gown (especially if she is wearing a long train), hold the microphone or the paper containing her wedding vows. You’ll want to make sure you have tissues in your bag so you can hand them to her in case she gets too emotional. Or a fan in case it gets too hot.

Give a Speech During the Wedding Reception

As a maid-of-honor, you’ll likely have to give a speech (together with the best man) at the reception. It’s a way to talk about your relationship with the bride and the love and admiration you have for her. Tell a fun story, make it short and entertaining, and show your love for your friend.

Is It Hard to Be a Maid-of-Honor?

A maid-of-honour’s role is demanding, but it’s rewarding. There’s no greater joy than seeing one of your dearest friends marry the man of her dreams. It may be tiring, especially on the days nearing the wedding date, but it’s a memorable and rewarding role.