10 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

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Dec 4, 2023
10 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Planning your honeymoon and want to go someplace? If you don't know where to go, here are some ideas!

Local Honeymoon Destination Ideas

If you’re looking for a local place to have your honeymoon, here are the top five honeymoon destinations in the Philippines.

1. El Nido, Palawan

If you want sunkissed days and magical nights, El Nido, with its crystal clear waters and white sand beaches is one of the best places to go for your honeymoon. Aside from island hopping, swimming, and snorkeling, you can also go glamping, kayaking, and seeing other nature sights.

2. Boracay

Boracay is known for its pristine beaches, blue waves, and exciting water sports in the morning. When the sun sets, this popular beach destination turns into a lively nightlife hub. With luxurious resorts and world-renowned sunsets, there’s no better place to spend your honeymoon than this dreamy getaway.

3. Sagada

Skip the hustle and bustle of the city and go to the valley town, known as Sagada, where the weather is sunny yet chilly. Sagada is a hiker’s paradise, with its lush green landscapes, hidden caves, and refreshing waterfalls. You and your spouse will love your time gazing upon the scenic mountains and breathtaking cliffs.

4. Siargao

Siargao’s beautiful beaches and laid-back vibes are one of the reasons it is so popular among tourists both from the Philippines and around the world. It is also known as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines,” so if you and your spouse love to surf, you’ll love this dream destination.

5. Batanes

Wherever you go in Batanes, you’re sure to glimpse picturesque views. Betweens its rolling hills, romantic coral houses, and stunning nature sights, you’re sure to create memories that you and your spouse will never forget. You can trek the hills, roam around the stone house communities, or visit other islands.

International Honeymoon Destination Ideas

Want to take abroad to make it even more memorable? Here are some wonderful places to visit:

1. Bali

Between its lush landscapes, beautiful beaches, and rich culture, Bali is the go-to destination for a lot of couples looking for a quiet getaway before starting their life together. You can enjoy private picnics, rose-petal baths, and some of the best spas—all while soaking up the stunning views.

2. Japan

Between its breathtaking natural scenery, its rich culture and history, and the various activities it offers, Japan is a paradise for honeymooners who love traveling. You can go on a food trip, tasting ramen, sushi, sake, and other seasonal produce. Or you can enjoy visiting temples and shrines, soaking in an onsen, or going shopping.

3. New Zealand

If you and your spouse love stunning natural landscapes, you’ll definitely love everything New Zealand has to offer. With its fjords, glaciers, and geothermal wonders, you’ll find a jaw-dropping backdrop for romance. Plus, adventure activities like bungee jumping and white water rafting make for an adrenaline-charged honeymoon. Despite the excitement, the overall vibe is peaceful and stress-free, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

4. Hawaii

Warm weather and stunning beaches provide the perfect setting for relaxation and romance. You and your spouse will love the laid-back island vibes and the wide range of accommodations Hawaii has to offer. Plus, you’ll find many things to do—from hiking to trekking to snorkeling, exploring waterfalls, and more.

5. France

What better way to spend a honeymoon than in the love capital of the world? Enjoy a romantic walk hand-in-hand with your spouse as you wander through narrow streets or make your way through museum halls. Taste the incredible food and wine and try the boutique hotels for the honeymoon of your dreams.