A Guide to Planning an Event in the New Normal

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Feb 6, 2023
A Guide to Planning an Event in the New Normal

After almost three years of lockdowns and restrictions, we’ve opened up again. With restaurants and malls getting crowded again and the traffic being just as bad (or even worse), it certainly feels like we’re back to the time before lockdowns. Unlike during pre-pandemic times, however, there is still an element of uncertainty, even more so when planning events.

If you’re planning your special day any time soon or are in the middle of organizing one, keeping track of what you need to do can be a little challenging. To help you out, we’ve put together a quick guide to planning an event in the new normal.

Think Fast

Before the pandemic, events—weddings included—would take six months to a year to plan. During the pandemic and even now in the new normal, it’s crucial to keep an open mind and act quickly. There’s no telling when the alert levels will change or when the government will decide to reinforce new guidelines. Learning how to navigate the unknown is a huge part of planning events. If you’re planning an event in the new normal, you must think fast and act fast.

It may sound challenging and stressful, but planning events on short notice (think a couple of months down to only two weeks) is totally doable. It helps if you have a ready pool of trustworthy suppliers to choose from, so you don’t have to spend that much time browsing options and getting overwhelmed with the various choices. Check out our recommended suppliers at Eventory to help you plan a hassle-free occasion.

Even when you’re in the planning stages for your event, be sure to check and follow the general safety guidelines, as well as the additional policies a venue might have. Watch the news regularly for changes and be on standby to communicate those to your in-person guests. Be prepared for sudden changes and flexible to adjusting dates, venues, and even suppliers at the very last minute. It might help to have a Facebook group or chat group where you can easily communicate these adjustments with your guests, so it saves you time rather than having to message each one.

Be Flexible

When planning a special event, the number of guests plays a crucial part in choosing an event venue.

In the case of weddings and debuts, you may wish to have a traditional reception with a larger number of guests and a complete entourage. You may also opt to follow the trend of intimate weddings and celebrations—small, more private gatherings.

Chances are, not everyone you invite to your celebration will come, whether you go for a big event or a small one. Some people still prefer to limit their social interaction even if parties and reunions are slowly returning to what they once were. Some venues also only allow for a maximum number of guests.

There’s no need to be discouraged if you have to cut down on your guest list. You can always supplement it with a virtual live stream for those who may not be able to attend physically. If you have a small budget, this is a great way to invite only those who have been part of your life and journey as a couple. You can still make it meaningful and foster a community spirit through your intimate gathering.

Whatever you decide for your special day, the key is to remain flexible, no matter what the size of your event is.

Embrace creativity

Even as you have to deal with rules, regulations, and all those endless guidelines on top of your event preparations, don’t let the planning stress stop your creativity.

Embracing creativity in your wedding or debut, means making it meaningful for the people involved—not just for the bride and groom or debutante, but for the rest of the guests too. Whether you are planning a birthday, memorial service, conference, or wedding, you can come up with something to make it even more special and meaningful.

If not all the special people in your life can come to your party, let them have a glimpse of the celebration by sending them a goodie box with your wedding giveaways. If they live nearby, why not send them a slice of your cake and a bottle of wine?

Consider open or wide spaces

If you aren’t comfortable having your celebration indoors, you may want to consider holding an outdoor event, such as in a garden or al fresco venue. Make sure to check with the venue how many people it can accommodate as some venues still apply strict social distancing rules. You also need to pay attention to the weather and have a suitable backup plan in case the weather changes for the worse on the day of your wedding.

If a hotel or indoor event place has always been the venue of your dreams, consider planning fewer guests per dining table. You can also install air purifiers in less ventilated spaces and consider a plated meal service or modified buffet where food will be served. If it is possible and you wish to require it, you can also consider shouldering the cost of your guest’ and suppliers’ COVID-19 tests.

Planning an Event with Eventory

Planning a wedding, debut or any special party in the new normal may be challenging, but it is certainly doable. The key is to be flexible and look for opportunities even while you are in the planning stages. At Eventory, we can help you plan your event in an easy, convenient way so you can focus on your big day and this new chapter in your life. At Eventory, you can have the celebration of your dreams!

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