10 Unique Guest Book Ideas

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Nov 27, 2023
10 Unique Guest Book Ideas

Wedding guest books are ways for your guests to leave personalized messages for the bride and groom—a keepsake for them to treasure in the years to come. It’s a fun way to capture the love and support of everyone in attendance.

While guest books used to be literal books or journals that people would pass around during the reception, they are a lot more unique and personalized now. Several couples go beyond the book and look for creative and unique ways to express themselves or add a layer of activity during their wedding day. If you’re looking for ideas beyond the traditional guest book, read on!

1. Polaroid Photos

Guests take pictures on a Polaroid camera and jot a quick note underneath or behind the photo. It creates a unique visual memory of the day.

2. Puzzle Pieces

Get your guests to sign individual puzzle pieces that you can put together later and frame as a keepsake.

3. Postcards

Are you and your partner travel aficionados? Put together a display of postcards and have your guests write notes on them.

4. Jenga Blocks

Get a wooden Jenga block set and some markers and leave them on the registration table. Have your guests sign their blocks and leave a message. When you and your spouse play with these blocks in the future, you’ll remember all the great memories of your special day.

5. Photobook

If you and your partners had a prenuptial shoot and want to feature some of the photos, print some of them on a photobook that your guests can sign. You can also use the photobook to tell your love story or show your various activities together.

6. Date Night Ideas

Leave some paper and pens and ask your guests to give you date night ideas. You can gather this all in a jar and put it on a dresser to take out when you’re looking for inspiration.

7. Words of Wisdom

An alternative to the date night guest book idea is one where your guests leave you advice or words of wisdom that you can read as a couple. You can take out and read one at the start of the day or go through all of them every time you celebrate your wedding anniversary.

8. Thumbprint Tree

Draw or print out a big tree with lots of branches. Get ink pads with different colors and ask the guests to place their fingerprints on the branches as leaves of the tree. Have them sign their names over the leaves.

9. Sign the Globe

Here’s another one for travelers! Ask your guests “Where Should We Go Next?” and have them write their name on a slip of paper and pin it to a globe. Alternatively, you can also have them sign their names on a map.

10. Scrapbook Fun

Here’s a chance to unleash the creative side of your guests. Leave out a blank book with papers, ribbons, stickers, colored markers, and everything else you can think of. Have your guests do what they want—from writing messages to sketching to decorating your guest book.