5 Wedding Themes That Never Go Out of Style

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Oct 30, 2023
5 Wedding Themes That Never Go Out of Style

Planning your wedding? One of the biggest decisions you need to make early on is your wedding theme. Once you’ve got this pinned down, it will help you select a venue, decide on wedding decor, and plan the rest of your wedding.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some wedding themes that are timeless and gorgeous and never go out of style:

Classic Elegance

Weddings with a classic elegance theme are mainly traditional in motif (white or ivory) and decor. Usually, the bride and groom get married in a chapel and have their reception in an indoor hall. You may also want to incorporate the traditional elements in the dresses of your entourage and ninongs and ninangs.

Some elements to include:

  • Soft, romantic lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Elegant floral arrangements (white roses, peonies, or orchids)
  • Luxurious fabrics like silk or satin
  • Classic calligraphy in menus and place cards
  • Table setting of fine china, crystal, and silverware
  • A timeless wedding gown, flowing train, and a veil

Pro Tip: Take the classic elegance a step further and give it a Filipino twist by incorporating Barong Tagalog and the Filipiñana at your wedding.

Rustic Charm

Weddings with a rustic charm theme often have a laid-back vibe, but that doesn’t mean they are less elegant or formal. Often, they involve a natural outdoor setting and a more relaxed dress code.

Some elements to include:

  • Wooden elements, like wooden chairs and tables, barrels, and crates
  • Mason jars, twine, and burlap (you can put your event giveaways in mason jars or burlap bags)
  • Greenery and wildflowers (as opposed to the more traditional vibe that classic roses bring)
  • String lights and lanterns (for evening weddings) for a cozy ambiance
  • Vintage touches like old signs and antique decor

Garden Party

If you love summer and spring days, then a garden party wedding might just be the perfect one for you. Think beautiful floral arrangements, pastel-colored dresses for your entourage, and fairy lights for your decor.

Some elements to include:

  • An outdoor setting, like a wide open garden, park, or backyard
  • Whimsical decor—hanging lanterns, fairy lights, floral garlands
  • Pastel colors
  • Charming table settings with mismatched china, lace tablecloths, and floral centerpieces
  • Vintage touches like parasols, antique furniture, and the like
  • Relaxed, flowing attire for guests, like sundresses and linen suits

Glamorous Evening

Get married under sparkling chandeliers, glitzy gold accents, and a sumptuous feast. Glamorous evening weddings require opulent venues, over-the-top decor, and an upscale menu.

Some elements to include:

  • An opulent venue, like a grand ballroom, hotel, or mansion
  • A color motif of gold, silver, and other metallics
  • Decor and floral arrangements with crystals and feathers
  • A red carpet entrance complete with paparazzi
  • An upscale menu—think champagne, caviar, and filet mignon
  • A decadent, multi-layered cake
  • A live orchestra, string quartet, or jazz band for entertainment
  • Extravagant attire for all your guests, like long evening gowns, ball gowns, and tuxedos

Boho Chic

Boho chic weddings are for the free-spirited couples out there. If you love natural elements and lots of greenery and want your guests to dress in more relaxed outfits, this is the wedding theme for you.

Some elements to include:

  • An outdoor venue such as a wide open grassy field or beach
  • Natural elements like wildflowers, pampas grass, and driftwood
  • Macrame, dream catchers as part of your decor
  • Relaxed dress code—flowing dresses, floral crowns, bare feet
  • Farm-to-table menu, featuring organic dishes, veggie platters, fresh juices
  • Boho chic playlist with acoustic guitar, folk music, and indie rock
  • A floral arch or canopy
  • Handmade bouquets and mismatched decor

What Should Your Wedding Theme Be?

Deciding on your wedding theme is all about knowing what resonates with you and your partner. Find out what fits your personalities and unique styles. There’s no right or wrong theme for your wedding. What matters is creating an atmosphere you’ll love and remember many years down the road.