Wedding Day Countdown

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Sep 25, 2023
Wedding Day Countdown

With a lot to do and think about for your wedding, you mustn’t lose sight of what’s essential. That’s why we’ve created this simple guide to help you with what you need to do as your wedding date draws near.

Ideally, you should already have the following in place:

  • Wedding date
  • Wedding ceremony and reception venue
  • Wedding theme and motif
  • Wedding budget
  • Wedding entourage
  • Wedding suppliers

See below for a checklist of items to guide you, starting from six months until the day before your wedding.

6 months before your wedding

  • Finalize your guest list.
  • Finalize your cake design with your baker.
  • Create your playlist or hire some musicians.
  • Decide on your wedding giveaways for your ninongs, ninangs, wedding entourage, and guests.
  • Schedule fitting dates for your dress and entourage dresses (if any).

3 months before your wedding

  • Send out all your wedding invitations.
  • Book your honeymoon, including flights, accommodations, tours, and other things you and your partner want to do.
  • Choose all your wedding accessories — including your jewelry, belt, shoes, and, of course, your rings if you haven’t bought them yet.
  • Finalize your bouquet, table centerpieces, and the other flowers for your event—including decor pieces and the ones your entourage will carry (if any). 
  • Discuss menu options and venue styling options with your caterer. 
  • Order gifts for your wedding party or get started on them if you're going to DIY. 

2 months before your wedding

  • Create a seating plan for your wedding reception. 
  • Get your marriage license and other documents you may need for your wedding. 
  • Discuss hair and make-up options with your stylist and have a sample run if you can. 
  • Have the final fitting for your wedding gown. 

1 month before your wedding

  • Finalize your program by having a meeting with your officiant and wedding coordinator. 
  • Touch base with all your wedding suppliers to confirm details.
  • Finalize reception seating after touching base with all your guests for one final RSVP.
  • Have a food-tasting session with your caterer. 

2 weeks before your wedding

  • Give the final head count to the caterer.
  • Wear your shoes to break them in.
  • Schedule a hair appointment. 
  • Get a facial. 
  • Finalize details with your on-the-day coordinator

1 week before your wedding

  • Pack for your wedding and honeymoon.
  • Prepare the balance payments for all suppliers and turn them over to your on-the-day coordinator.
  • Write and memorize your wedding vow.
  • Get a manicure/pedicure and a massage for the ultimate relaxation experience.

1 day before your wedding

  • Check into the hotel or wherever you will be staying the night before your wedding.
  • Eat food, drink lots of water, get some sleep.
  • RELAX!

Don't let planning for your wedding stress you out.

We know how important it is to relax, especially on the days leading to your special day. You don't want to let the little things keep you from enjoying your wedding, or worse, turn you into a bridezilla. The key to having a stress-free wedding day is planning ahead of time and getting the help of a friend or wedding coordinator to take care of the little details for you.