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Client Terms of Services



1.1 Who are we? Eventory is an event planning resource portal and exclusively curated marketplace featuring suppliers across the industry specializing in wedding, birthdays, memorials and other occasions. Eventory is owned and operated by Opencloud Opc, a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of the Philippines, with principal office address at 162 Alfonso XIII, Brgy. Corazon de Jesus, San Juan City, Manila, Philippines (“Eventory”, “we”, “our” or “us”).

1.2 Users. Eventory allows clients registered on the Eventory website (the “Clients”) to canvass, book, reserve, pay for, and manage their event-related services and products (the "Services and Products") while our registered vendors and Suppliers (the “Suppliers”) can manage inquiries, bookings, payments, and receivables for the Services and Products. The Clients and Suppliers are collectively referred to as (“Users”, “you”, “your”).

1.3 Terms. Please read these Terms of Service (“Terms”) carefully as they contain important information about your legal rights, remedies and obligations. By accessing or using the Eventory website, www.eventory.ph (the “Site”), you agree to be legally bound by these Terms.

1.4 Reach out. For any questions or concerns regarding these Terms, you may contact us via email at info@eventory.ph. We will do our best to be as responsive as possible.

1.5 The Site and Services and Products together are collectively referred to as the “Eventory Platform”.

1.6 Our Privacy Policy and other policies applicable to your use of the Eventory Platform (collectively, “Eventory Policies”) are incorporated by reference into these Terms.

1.7 Our collection and use of personal information in connection with your access to and use of the Eventory Platform is described in our Privacy Policy.



2.1 User Registration. All Users must create an account on the Site prior to using the Eventory Platform. We will be collecting some of your personal data, which we will keep secure and safe in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By signing up and registering on the Eventory Platform, or availing of the Services and Products, you affirm and warrant that you are  at least eighteen (18) years old and have the legal and mental capacity to access and use the Eventory Platform.

2.2 Passwords. Please protect your account details and password at all times. We will assume that all activities on your account are authorized by you. Please notify us immediately if you suspect that your account has been compromised.

2.3 Due Diligence by Clients. Clients acknowledge that while we exercise due diligence in verifying the identity of Suppliers upon their registration to the Eventory Platform, we cannot and will not guarantee the Supplier’s identity, competence, and legal capacity. We do not endorse any particular Supplier nor do we guarantee the quality of their Services and Products. You should use the Eventory Platform as a starting point to identify companies or individuals who provide the Services and Products you need, then conduct independent research to ensure the Suppliers you engage are appropriate for you.



3.1 Eventory shall operate and maintain the Eventory Platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3.2 The Eventory customer support desk shall be available on:

Monday-Friday: 9AM – 6PM, Manila time, excluding holidays.

3.3 Eventory may initiate marketing strategies and create original content to be used on our Site for sales and promotions.

3.4 Eventory shall undertake the necessary security measures to reduce fraud but cannot and will not guarantee a completely fraud-free environment. Nevertheless, Eventory shall be held liable for errors or fraud committed due to the fault or negligence of its employees. Eventory disclaims any and all liability for errors or fraud due to the fault of the Supplier or any of its employees.

3.5 Eventory is neither a vendor nor agent of any Supplier. We merely provide a centralized platform where Clients and Suppliers can connect. We have no control over the existence, quality, accuracy, safety, or legality of the transactions that take place on the Eventory Platform nor the accuracy of Supplier listings. We have no control over the ability of Suppliers to perform Services or provide Products. Nor do we have control over the capacity of Clients to pay for Services and Products. We make no representations nor warranties and disclaim liability and responsibility for the actions or inactions of Users.

3.6 Eventory will not be liable for any failure or delay in performance of our obligations caused by events outside our reasonable control.


4.1 For standard Services and Products, Clients shall place orders by first initiating a Booking Request with a Supplierfor confirmation of schedule availability. Once schedule is confirmed by Supplier, Client will be prompted to make payment. The temporary date blocked by Supplier and payment request are valid for 24 hours from the time the Supplier agrees to the schedule and requests payment. Clients can settle payment by proceeding with the Payment Link..

4.2 If the Products or Services desired are customized, Supplier  shall send Client an automated billing with corresponding payment options. The temporary date blocked by the Supplier and payment request are valid for 24 hours from the time the Supplier sends the Billing.

4.3 Clients shall be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the Services and Products ordered.

4.4 Unless otherwise provided by the Supplier in its terms specified on the Site, online payment  must be made in full before any Products are dispatched or Services rendered.

4.5 We offer the following payment methods:

a) Credit Card powered by Xendit

b) EWallet powered by Xendit

c) Bank Transfer

d) Buy Now, Pay Later powered by Billease

4.6 We reserve the right to add, modify, or remove payment methods without prior notice to Users.

4.7 Any shipping fees for delivery of Products and any other incidental fees for performance of Services will be for account of the Client. In some instances, shipping or delivery fees will be transacted outside the Eventory Platform.

4.8 Eventory shall not be held liable for any User transactions made outside the Eventory Platform. We are only responsible for transactions made through any of the payment gateways specified in the Terms.

4.9 All Orders will be deemed to be irrevocable and unconditional upon transmission through the Platform and Supplier shall be entitled to process such Order(s) without client’s further consent and without any further reference or notice to client. Nevertheless, in certain circumstances as stated in Clause 6, Client may request to cancel or amend the Order which Seller will endeavor to give effect to on a commercially reasonable effort basis. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Seller is not obliged to give effect to any request to cancel or amend any Order.

4.10 Clients must immediately report a Supplier’s failure or delay to deliver a fully paid Product or failure or delay to perform a fully paid Service and any billing discrepancies to Eventory. You will be asked to fill-out an Action Request Form, which Eventory will immediately investigate and act on.


5.1 All Services and Products will be billed and remitted in Philippine currency (PHP).

5.2 Prices indicated for Services and Products on the Site are those in effect on the date you place your order and are inclusive of taxes on the platform and payment channel fees. Suppliers will be responsible for their respective tax obligations.

5.3 Eventory shall collect Client payments on behalf of Suppliers on the Site.


6.1 All Product return or exchange requests must be done in accordance to this Clause of the Terms. Clients must make the foregoing request within 7 days from receipt of the Product by filling out an Action Request Form.

6.2 Eventory and Suppliers are not required to accept any return or exchange request unless Client complies with the steps set forth herein.

6.3 In compliance with the Consumer Act of the Philippines, Products can only be returned or exchanged if Client:

a) receives a Product that is fundamentally different in nature from the Product specified in the Site;

b) receives a faulty or damaged Product

c) receives an entirely wrong Product; or

d) receives a Product with missing parts

6.4 Client requests for a change in scheduled date of event are not guaranteed and subject to the written approval of the Supplier.  

6.5 Refunds may be made via a a different payment channel used by the Client and only to the Client who made the actual payment.

6.6 Eventory cannot guarantee a timeline for the actual return of the refunded amount to Client’s account. This is entirely dependent on Client’s bank or payment gateway.



7.1 Termination by Eventory. It is our sole and absolute discretion to terminate User accounts. These may include accounts without any transactions for the last 180 days. Failure by the Supplier to deliver any Service or Product shall be subject to investigation and may be a ground for temporary or permanent account termination on Eventory. We have the right to prevent access to the Eventory Platform (or any part thereof) for any reason whatsoever, including a breach of any of these Terms.

7.2 Termination by Client. Clients may request for termination of their Eventory accounts via email to info@eventory.ph.



8.1 Force Majeure. We shall not be liable for any damage or loss when the performance of our obligations is prevented or affected directly or indirectly by or as a result of Force Majeure or any circumstances which could not have been foreseen, or which, though foreseen, were inevitable and beyond the control of the parties, including, but not limited to, earthquake, flood, storm, extreme adverse weather conditions, natural disasters or calamity, other acts of God, national emergencies, national health emergencies, declaration of martial law, acts of terrorism, the use of arms or through an irresistible force, order or act of competent public authority, strikes or riots, failure of electric power, gas, water, or other utility service, plant machinery, computers, vehicles or any collapse of building structures.

8.2 Non-Assignment. These Terms are only effective between you and us. Your membership or subscription to the Eventory Platform may not be assigned, transferred or sold to another person or entity without our express written consent.

8.3 Governing Law and Venue. These Terms and any claims arising out of them shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. In case of litigation, the proper courts of Makati City shall have exclusive jurisdiction.