Traditional Children's Party Games

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Mar 20, 2023
Traditional Children's Party Games

With the rise of gadgets and the advancement of technology, it’s no wonder that even children’s party games have evolved. Before laptops, iPads, and other devices, kids play various games at parties. If you're looking for some traditional children's party games, here are some you can incorporate into your event:


A palayok is a clay pot filled with candies and small toys and hung on the ceiling. It is similar to a piñata, with some parties even using the piñata instead of a palayok. Kids take turns hitting the palayok with a stick while being blindfolded. When the palayok breaks, the kids get the candies and toys and bring them home.


A pabitin is a bamboo frame where many gifts hang. You'll find mini toys, candies, and other things. Children jump and try to reach out and grab the prize they want while an adult slowly lowers the frame. The game ends when all the prizes are gone.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Children are blindfolded and take turns trying to stick the tail on a picture of a donkey hanging up. The kid who succeeds is the winner and gets a prize.

There are other variations where kids can try to stick a mustache on a clown, an ear on a monkey, a nose on a bear or pig, and so on. 

Musical Chairs / Trip to Jerusalem

Children dance around a circle of chairs, and when the music stops, they must try to find a seat. The catch is there is always one less chair than the number of children. For example, if you start with 12 kids, there are only 11 chairs. When the music stops, the child who doesn't have a seat is out of the game. During each round, a chair is removed so there is always just one more kid than the number of chairs.

Bring Me

In Bring Me, the host calls for people to bring several items. This can vary from money or coins in the wallet to makeup and some everyday essentials, and more. The first child who brings the called object is the one who wins the round. In this case, it would be handy to have a lot of mini toys and prizes ready for the winners.

Simon Says

Simon Says involves the host giving instructions to the children, such as the following: “Simon Says touch your toes” or “Simon says nod your head.” If there is no “Simon Says” before the phrase, the children shouldn’t do it. Kids who follow instructions even when there is no “Simon Says” or don’t move at all even if the host says “Simon says” are out.

Relays and Other Races

Some parties hold relay races for older kids, such as running with a calamansi on a spoon or having two people walk to the finish line with a balloon between them without dropping it. There are a lot of other creative relay ideas, or you have even come up with your own.

Incorporating Children’s Games in Your Child’s Party

Including traditional children’s party games in your program is a fun way to entertain adults and kids. Most of these games are really entertaining to watch and often result in the party attendees cheering on their kids and each other. You can also give a creative twist to the games, so they are more fun and challenging.