Should I have an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding?

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Feb 20, 2023
Should I have an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding?

One of the biggest questions couples face when planning their wedding is whether to hold it indoors or outdoors. Both types of venues have pros and cons, and weighing each option may help you make your decision.

Pros of Indoor Weddings

You’ll Have a Controlled Environment

Having an indoor wedding is a huge pro when the weather is unpredictable. You don’t have to worry about sudden weather changes. With air conditioning, you can make sure the event is comfortable for your guests.

You’ll Have Styling Flexibility

Indoor venues can be decorated and set up in various ways. They have better lighting, especially for nighttime events, and can easily create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere.

You’ll Have More Privacy

Some bigger venues allow for simultaneous events, which can be distracting. Indoor weddings give you privacy, which is critical for couples who prefer a more intimate setting.

Cons of Indoor Weddings

It May Be a Little More Expensive

Indoor venues tend to be a little bit more expensive to rent because they require additional expenses such as lighting and electricity for air conditioning.

It May Have More Limited Space

Indoor venues usually have a maximum number of allowed guests. If you have a lot of decor or want a huge dance floor, you may also have to cut down on your guest list.

Pros of Outdoor Weddings

You’ll Have Fresh Air and Natural Beauty

Outdoor weddings can take advantage of the natural beauty of their surroundings, providing a stunning and picturesque backdrop for the ceremony and reception. Your guests will also enjoy the fresh air—particularly during the -ber months until about February or March—and the refreshing change of pace and scenery.

You’ll Have More Room

Have you always dreamed of a big dance floor, fun activities, and games during your wedding? Outdoor weddings typically have more room, allowing you to invite more guests. You’ll also have more ground for other decor and activities you want, like photo booths.

You’ll Spend Less, Usually

Outdoor weddings can often be more affordable as there is no need to rent an indoor venue with air conditioning. Still, check overall costs for lights, tech, and other requirements you may have.

Cons of Outdoor Weddings

It May Be Affected by the Weather

Outdoor weddings are all great until the weather changes. On top of the other things you have to worry about, now you have to think about what to do if it suddenly rains on your wedding day. It’s important to have a backup plan like a tent or an indoor venue option on standby in case this happens.

It May Be Too Noisy

Unless you’ve booked the entire venue, outdoor venues may not be able to provide the same level of privacy as indoor weddings. Passersby can easily see what is going on, and if the wedding venue is located in the city, you may be affected by traffic and other noises.

So.. Should I Have An Indoor or Outdoor Wedding?

Find out what type of wedding you want. An indoor one may be the better option if you're going for a formal wedding. If you want a more casual wedding or are planning on inviting many guests, an outdoor wedding may be the best choice.

Ultimately, the decision lies with you and your partner. You need to decide what kind of wedding will best fit the style and atmosphere you want and what will, of course, make your special day a day to remember.