12 Fun Christmas Party Games

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12 Fun Christmas Party Games

It’s the season of Christmas parties and gathering together with friends and family! No Christmas party is complete without some fun games and prizes, but if you’re tired of the same old games or are looking to put a fun and creative twist to some well-loved ones, check the post below for more inspiration.

1. Santa Hat Pass

It’s like a fun, holiday version of musical chairs. Players sit in a circle and pass a Santa hat around while the music plays. Whoever is holding the hat when the music stops is out. The winners get prizes.

2. Christmas Carol Pictionary

Players have to draw a Christmas carol, and their teammates have to guess it. You can have two or more teams play against each other so the competition is fiercer.

3. The Christmas Left-Right Story

Guests pass around a wrapped gift while someone reads a story aloud. Whenever the reader says “left” or “right”, the guests must pass the gift in that direction. The person holding the gift at the end of the story gets to keep it!

4. Holiday Memory Game

Place some Christmas-themed items on a tray and give guests a minute to study them. Cover the tray afterward and ask the guests to list down all the items they remember. Whoever has the most items wins.

Alternatively, you can make this like a memory game where you change a few items and ask the guests to point out the changes.

5. Holiday Taboo

Have your guests play a Christmas twist to this classic party game. Use holiday-only related words to make it more fun and challenging.

6. The Grinch Says

If you have a party with kids, they’ll love this! It’s like “Simon Says” but with the Grinch giving out the commands. If the players do something the Grinch didn’t say, they’re out.

7. Christmas Charades

Have your guests act out fun Christmas-related words or scenes. You can throw in some Christmas carols, Christmas movies—as long as it’s all about the holidays! Each group’s teammates have to guess it, and the one with the most guesses wins.

8. Name that Christmas Tune

Play a few notes (either the start or the finish) of some popular or not-so-popular Christmas songs. Whoever answers first wins a point. The group that gets the most points wins a prize.

9. 12 Days of Christmas Relay Race

Kids will love this Christmas version of a scavenger hunt. Divide your guests into teams and give them a list of items to find around the house, like a partridge in a pear tree or nine ladies dancing. 

10. Elf Hat Toss

Players take turns tossing candy canes into a Santa hat. Those who shoot them in get a special prize.

11. Christmas Cookie Decorating Contest

If you and your guests love baking and eating, get them to have a little baking fun in your home. Give each guest a plain sugar cookie and let them decorate it however they want to with an assortment of icing, sprinkles, and other edible cookie decor. The best cookie wins!

12. Pin the Nose on Rudolph

Give the kids—and even the adults—some laughs with this Christmas twist to pinning the tail on the donkey. Draw or print a picture of Rudolph, cut out some circular pieces of red paper for Rudolph’s nose, and have the kids try to pin on Rudolph’s nose. Whoever pins it the most accurately wins.