Fun Wedding Reception Games

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Oct 2, 2023
Fun Wedding Reception Games

Unlike the solemn atmosphere of wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions are a time to celebrate and enjoy the company of family and friends. And what better way to kick off a party than with some fun games? Plus, having some light games gets your guests talking and laughing while you’re doing your photoshoot or touching up on hair and makeup.

If you don’t know where to start, we’ve put together a list of fun wedding reception games that you can take inspiration from:

1. A Quiz About the Bride and Groom

Of course, you’ve invited your nearest and dearest family members and friends who know plenty about you. But they might not know other details about your relationship, like where you met or how long you’ve known each other. Some questions to include would be:

  • Where was the bride and groom’s date?
  • Where did the proposal happen?
  • What was their first gift to each other?
  • What is their theme song?

It’s up to you to make the questions easy or as challenging, tailoring them to the bride’s and groom’s personalities.

2. A Photo Scavenger Hunt

Keep your guests moving by listing at least 20 moments for them to capture with their phones. Not only is this fun to do, but it also gives you more pictures of your special day.

Some examples would be:

  • A picture of the newlyweds kissing
  • A group selfie
  • A selfie with the DJ
  • A picture of three generations of family members
  • A picture of the food

Be creative and make it fun. Don’t forget to remind guests to use your wedding hashtag when they upload it on social media so you can easily find all the photos.

3. Name That Tune

The rules for this game are pretty straightforward: play a song and let the guests guess the title of the song. Be sure to include some wedding classics, popular love songs through the decades, and even the songs meaningful to you as a couple.

4. Stand Up, Sit Down

Break the ice by letting your guests play this fun game by standing up when agreeing to a statement. Have the host announce a series of funny questions, prompting the guests to stand up if they agree or sit down if they don’t.

Here are some starter questions to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Does pineapple belong on pizza?
  • Have you gone on a blind date?
  • Do you like wearing matching outfits with your spouse/significant other?
  • Do you like grand romantic gestures?
  • Have you ever won the lottery?
  • Would you like to meet your favorite celebrity one day?

You can come up with as many questions as you’d like to help your guests learn more about themselves and each other.

5. Freeze Dance

Get all your guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor by playing some of the best dance tunes. When the DJ suddenly stops the music, they have to come up with the best pose. Choose a winner for each round, and be sure to give them some fun prizes.

Pro Tip: If you’re inviting kids to your wedding, make sure you include activities for them, too. You can set up a coloring station or an art station and assign someone to keep an eye on them. This will definitely keep them occupied for hours!

Make it Lighthearted and Fun

Wedding reception games are a great way to break the ice and get your guests to interact with each other. With these fun, lighthearted games, you can help everyone have a great time and create lasting memories. So go ahead and try these for your wedding—they’re sure to be a hit!