10 Fun Bridal Shower Themes

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Sep 4, 2023
10 Fun Bridal Shower Themes

Hello bridesmaids and maids-of-honor! Are you getting ready to call the whole gang and give your girlfriend a fun send-off before she gets married? Here are some ideas for some of the most fun bridal shower themes.

Baking Bridal Party

If the bride loves baking, you can have a fun bridal shower where all the guests can bake cookies or cupcakes and decorate them. Bring out the level of competitiveness by grouping the girls and holding a competition.

Boho Bridal

Gather the bride’s tribe and surprise her with a boho-inspired bridal shower filled with floral and earth-toned palettes. Decorate the place with macrame and dreamcatchers. Set out low tables and pillows for comfy seating. If you’re looking for an activity, you can try making handmade soap or having a yoga or meditation session.

Book Club Bridal Shower

Is the bride a bookworm? Gather around in a quiet place or a bookshop cafe and give her some books you’re sure she’ll love. Include a book-themed game or activity for more fun.

Disney Princess Bridal Shower

For the bride who loves all things Disney, nothing will make her happier than if you recreate the happiest place on earth. Fill the venue with movie quotes and Disney decor—from Mickey Mouse-shaped desserts to a Disney-princess-inspired photo booth. Dress her up in her favorite Disney character, and don’t forget to play some of the best Disney song hits!

Garden Tea Party

If the bride-to-be loves the dainty things and drinking tea, she’ll love a garden tea party, complete with finger sandwiches, cakes and macarons, and pretty tea sets.

Glam Party

Be all glitzy and glamorous with all the bling you can bring. Think glitters, sparkles, metallic balloons, and shimmery decorations. Make sure everyone dresses in their finest, and add a red carpet entrance with a paparazzi photo op for the bride-to-be.

Pajamas and Pampering Party

Sometimes, the bride might want to chill before her big day. Give her a pajama and pampering party, complete with a mani/pedi session, her must-watch chick flicks, and some of her favorite snacks. Pajamas are a must!

Pool Party

Gather the girlfriends together and send off the bride with a splash. Serve refreshing drinks and delicious snacks. If you are worried about getting tan lines, there are many indoor pools where you can enjoy a shaded swim.

Travel-Themed Bridal Shower

If the bride is an adventurer, she’ll enjoy a travel-themed party with dishes inspired by her favorite countries. Use a world map as a guestbook and add decor like suitcases and vintage postcards. You can even have a fun game about the couple’s travel experiences.

Tropical Paradise

You can go on a beach trip if you have the budget, but if not, you can easily recreate it at home or wherever the bridal shower venue is. Think palm trees, pineapple decor, and cocktails with umbrellas.

How to Throw the Best Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a special occasion to celebrate the upcoming nuptials with the bride’s nearest and dearest. Choose a fun theme, plan activities everyone will enjoy, and do your best to make the bride feel loved and cherished.