Should I Have a Morning or Evening Wedding?

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Oct 23, 2023
Should I Have a Morning or Evening Wedding?

Like deciding whether you should have an indoor or outdoor wedding, choosing to hold it in the morning or afternoon is another decision you need to make with your partner.

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of having a wedding in the morning or evening.

Pros of Morning Weddings

Here’s why morning weddings are great:

Less Competition for Venues

With most people holding evening weddings, the competition for morning weddings in terms of venues and other suppliers can be a little less fierce. You may be able to go with the first venue of your choice rather than having to find a plan B because the one you like is already booked.

Lower Costs for Some Suppliers

Some suppliers charge lower for morning weddings. Photographers, caterers, and other suppliers generally have lower rates for morning weddings because there is less demand. Like with your first venue of choice, you may be able to get the supplier you want for photos, video, and food.

Natural Lighting

Taking photos and videos is part of the wedding, and while twinkling lights against a dusky atmosphere can be magical, nothing can make you glow like the natural morning light.

Cons of Morning Weddings

Nevertheless, morning weddings come with challenges.

Early Start Time

Morning weddings require an early start time. This means waking up early to do your hair and make-up, get ready for photoshoots, and other things. Your guests will also need to prepare early to make it to your wedding on time.

Challenging for Out-of-Town Guests

Morning weddings can be challenging for out-of-town guests, especially if your venue isn’t a hotel. Be sure to provide options for commuting and a list of the closest accommodations possible, as some of them might prefer to stay the night instead of traveling so early in the morning.

Potential Interruptions of Daytime Activities

If your venue is in the middle of a city center, you might hear some noises that could disrupt your wedding. Think traffic sounds, construction noises, and even an occasional lawn mower.

Pros of Evening Weddings

Here’s why evening weddings are magical:

More Intimate and Romantic Atmosphere

Part of what makes evening weddings so attractive for couples getting married is the romantic atmosphere they create. With the right music and lighting to create the mood, you’ll have just the right intimate and romantic atmosphere you want.

Longer Party Time

Depending on how long you’ve reserved the venue, you can go on celebrating and partying all night. Some wedding receptions have longer programs, so you don’t need to rush through it if you have an evening wedding.

Guests Can Dress Up More

Evening weddings are more formal and give your guests the chance to dress up for a glamorous night. Be sure to communicate your dress code well so they will look great in the photos.

Cons of Evening Weddings

Evening weddings have some downsides, too.

Greater Competition and Higher Cost

Because evening weddings are so popular, you’ll find greater competition for venues and suppliers. You may not get your first choice of venue, photographer, and caterer, or you may have to adjust your dates if you want a particular venue or supplier. Some suppliers also charge higher fees for evening and weekend events.

Potential Transportation Issues

If your wedding reception is in a remote location, guests may have difficulty going home, especially if no commute options are available. Consider hiring shuttles to take your guests to an area where they can get a ride home.

Guests May Be Tired After a Long Day

While weddings are joyous events, your guests will be tired after a long day, which is why some of them might not stay until the reception ends. They’ll likely eat their meals and then go home already.

Pro Tip: Incorporate some games with awesome prizes to be given at the end of the reception so your guests will want to stay for it.

Which Should You Go For—a Morning or Evening Wedding?

Ultimately, it depends on you and your partner and what you want. Weigh the pros and cons, consider what would be easier for both you and your guests, and what your priority is in terms of suppliers. What matters is creating the atmosphere you want and surrounding yourself with family and loved ones to celebrate with you on your special day.