Children's Party Themes

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May 29, 2023
Children's Party Themes

Having a kids’ party is one of the most fun experiences because you can go all out when planning what to do. Plus, it’s a lot of fun coming up with food, decor, party favors, and other things to match the theme and make the party even more special.

If you don't know where to start, here are some fun children's party themes.


Kids love superheroes, and throwing a children’s party with a superhero theme is a chance for them to get dressed as their favorites. You can choose to have a general superhero theme or narrow it down to DC, Marvel, the entire Avengers, or zero in on just Superman, Batman, Wonder Man/Woman, or Iron Man—it all depends on what your kid likes.

Jungle or Safari

Take the kids on a fun adventure with a jungle- or safari-themed party with jungle decorations and jungle-inspired food. Use jungle-themed decorations, animal prints, and greenery to set the mood for the party. If your child is younger, you might want some plush animal toys the kids can play with. Set up animal-themed games, face painting, and serve jungle-themed food.

Pirate Adventure

Kids love pirates and pirate things. Give your child a swashbuckling pirate-themed party, complete with pirate flags, treasure chests filled with chocolate coins, and even a pirate ship backdrop. You can have the kids dress as pirates, organize a scavenger hunt, and have other pirate-themed games and activities.

Under the Sea

If you’re having a pool party, Under the Sea is the way to go! Decorate with blue and turquoise colors, and get some mermaid or sea creatures-themed decorations. You can even have a photo booth with underwater props and organize activities like decorating seashells or making paper jellyfish.

Circus or Carnival

There’s nothing quite as exciting as going to a circus or carnival, and the good news is—you can bring it to your party. Use vibrant colors as you decorate. Hire entertainers like clowns or jugglers or men on stilts to perform. Let the finishing act be a magician with tricks to wow the kids. Provide fun carnival-style treats like popcorn and cotton candy.

Princesses and Fairies

Let your child’s party be a magical one by preparing a princess and fairy-themed party. Hand out tiaras for all the guests and sparklers that they can. Decorate the area with fairy lights. Have the children dress up as princesses or fairies. Hold a royal tea party or a treasure hunt.


If your kid is into sports, you can have a sports-themed party featuring their favorite sport. Decorate with sports equipment, team colors, and jerseys—especially if your child is into a particular sports team. You can also organize fun sports activities, mini-competitions, and games related to the chosen sport. Don’t hesitate to add twists (e.g. use a giant volleyball for a volleyball game, play human bowling with an office chair) to make the party more fun and memorable.

Have Fun Planning a Kids' Party

Children's parties are lots of fun, and while there are a lot of details to think about, you can still enjoy the time coming up with a theme and preparing for it. With some help from Google and sites like Pinterest, you'll be able to get inspiration for decor, food, and more.