Event Giveaway Ideas

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Aug 7, 2023
Event Giveaway Ideas

Are you planning a wedding, party, or corporate event? One of the highlights of any event is its giveaways—something for the attendees to bring home, a souvenir to remind them of the good times they had during the event.

Several years ago, the popular wedding and party giveaways were figurines of cherubs or little girls in ballet dresses or that of a bride and groom. These days, however, practicality and usability are key in choosing event giveaways. After all, you want your guests to bring home something they’ll use, not something that will gather dirt in a forgotten corner of the room.

If you’re looking for inspiration for fun, memorable giveaways, you’ve come to the right place. See below for our list of event giveaway ideas.

Event Giveaway Ideas for Weddings

  • Candles. Give away a scent you and your partner love.
  • Honey jars and dippers. Celebrate your love with a sweet favor your guests can use.
  • Miniature succulents in pots or seedlings. It serves as both a decorative piece and perhaps the start of a new hobby for your guests.
  • Bottle openers. People often use bottle openers, so this one is practical and fun.
  • Potpourri. Set up a potpourri station where guests can scoop these fragrant giveaways into pouches they can take home.
  • Fans. If your wedding is during the summer, this is a very practical gift. Your guests can even use it during the ceremony and reception!
  • Ground coffee. Share your love for this delicious brew with your guests.
  • Salt and pepper shakers. This unique giveaway will add a fun touch to the dining tables and kitchen counters of your guests’ homes.

Event Giveaway Ideas for Parties

  • Homemade cookies. If you are celebrating your child’s birthday, a fun giveaway would be cookies your child made.
  • Personalized chocolate bars. Repackage the chocolate bars with your logo or initials or party theme.
  • Cocktail kits. Who says the party has to end when the event does? Let your guests take a bit of it home.
  • Sunglasses. This accessory is a fun giveaway for children’s parties, bridal showers, and stag parties.
  • Handmade soap bars. These party favors are both eco-friendly and practical.
  • Candies. Consumable giveaways are both delicious and practical. Give away small jars of jelly beans or your favorite mix of hard sweets or chocolate.

Event Giveaway Ideas for Corporate Events

  • Mugs. Make it special by putting a word or catchphrase instead of a logo.
  • Sleep masks. Give the gift of sleep and relaxation to your attendees.
  • Keychains. Like the mugs, make sure it has a statement that will resonate with your attendees even after the event.
  • Hand sanitizers. Make the bottle unique and special by putting your logo or event theme.
  • Tote bags. Aside from being a practical giveaway, tote bags make a fun fashion statement.
  • Luggage tags. If your attendees love traveling, they’ll love this simple but practical giveaway.
  • Coasters. Let your event attendees remember your event every morning when they set down their cups of coffee on their tables.

How to Come Up with the Best Giveaway for Your Event

  • Know your audience. If you’re inviting guests for a wedding or party, you’re likely inviting a wide range of guests with various preferences. While you can’t please everyone, you can make it something that you know your guests will generally like.
  • Match the theme. Whether you’re planning a social event or a corporate one, it’s good to make the giveaway an echo of your event theme. After all, you want the giveaway to be a memorabilia of the event.
  • Make it personal. Your event giveaway doesn’t have to be lavish or expensive, but it must be meaningful and special to you and your guests or attendees.

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